If you would like mixing/mastering services done on your track please Let's Chat!



$125 per song.

$700 per album/mixtape

Trackouts: $55



$55 per song. 

$550 per album/mixtape

Custom Tracks and complete ownership:


We offer Basic leases for instrumental music to be used by artists/songwriters for their music projects. 

If you require Trackouts/Stems (each individual instrument line of a beat in separate wav files for studio mixing and mastering purposes and making your own beat changes) or any other services quote “Services2020” and email frederickwilliammusic@gmail.com

We are currently seeking opportunities for film and television placements for our music. 

Basic License:

With a basic license an artist can use our music for use in their songs to record and sell up to 5,000 units, and up to 15,000 views on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and we maintain a 5% royalty on all sales over 5,000 units. The basic license: $25 per song. wav files included.

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